WORKSPACES -Tatyana Feeney- Illustrator

“My workspace is shared with the laundry room- it helps me to multi task I guess!
I am also an American living in Ireland for the last 8 years.
I am an illustrator and most of my illustrations are done using printing inks and collage. I seem to need a lot of space- for children’s books and art books, and also for papers and bits and pieces that I think are going to be useful one day.
One of the really nice things about my workspace is it gets a lot of sun in the morning- which is the best time for me to work.”

Tatyana recently wrote and illustrated a wonderful book for children called:

    Small Bunny’s Blue Blanket. Ask for it at your local bookstore!

    “‘Deceptively simple and decidedly sweet’ ” – Martin Chilton, Telegraph

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